No Credit Needed Furniture Financing: The Complete Guide

  • No Credit Needed Furniture Financing programs can be simple if you know what to look for. This page will give you everything you need to know so you can successfully and happily get the new furniture you need. Here are the main things we’ll cover in this article 
  1. The difference between no credit needed, like Kornerstone Living, and no credit check, like payday loans 
  2. When and what situations call for using no credit needed options
  3. Is Kornerstone Living the best option for consumers and how you can know?
  4. What types of products you can purchase with No Credit Needed
  5. 8 things you should do when you first make your purchase


First, what is the difference between No Credit Needed and No Credit Check Financing 

The difference in wording is subtle, but the ultimate outcome is crucial. Don’t let these financing terms confuse and frustrate you. Here we will break down the legalese and do our part to be as clear and helpful as possible.    

No Credit Check Loans  

No credit check loans are usually personal loans that you must pay back within 14-30 days. These no-credit-check financing options are often very limited in their scope and don’t ask much of you. You can recognize them because they use tag lines like, “All you need is a job and you’re approved!” No credit check loans won’t ping your credit, but the most they will usually loan you is $1,000. And the financier will almost always add exorbitant hidden fees. To make matters worse, these types of no-credit loans have high APRs that make it almost impossible to pay back. Payday loans are the most common type of loans that don’t check credit. To learn more about payday loans see below or click here 

No Credit Needed  

No credit needed options don’t pull your FICO score, but they will check other third-party data providers to ensure you are a real person with real intent. These companies, like Kornerstone Credit, are not financing. Instead, Kornerstone Credit offers consumers a lease that ends with the consumer becoming the owner of the merchandise. Leasing means a few different things. First, you don’t technically own the merchandise until you fulfill the terms of your contract. Second, and more to your benefit, we give you the full terms upfront, with no hidden fees or accruing interest. If you purchase a new sectional for $3,000, Kornerstone will draft up a lease-to-own contract for a one-year term that lays out the total cost upfront.  

You can look at the contract and know exactly what amount is expected of you during the next 12 months. Then you are done. 

But even better than that, no credit needed leasing options, like Kornerstone Credit, offer discounts for paying off early. When you make your minimum payments on time and pay off in 90 days, Kornerstone will waive most of the leasing cost. Even after the 90–day period, there are opportunities to discount your lease when you pay off your account early. 

So Yes,  

There is a difference between no credit check and no credit needed furniture financing. No credit check options are often designed to trap people with bad credit in a never-ending cycle of debt. Whereas, no credit-needed options (like us) are designed to be less expensive than a payday loan and have an end date. We’re not here to trap you. We’re here to help people who are struggling with their credit to buy the things they need. 


What's the problem with Payday Loans 

It happens to all of us. Something comes up and the budget is tight. We’re still 5 days away from the next paycheck, and we’re left wondering what we should do. Bad situations come up at the worst of times and it can be tempting to go get a no-credit loan like a payday loan.   

The main concern with payday loans is the exorbitant fees they charge. Often, you’re looking at 15-30 dollars for every $100 borrowed. Even on the low end $15 per $100 borrowed ends up being close to 400% APR. Erica Sanberg, a writer for put it very clearly:   

  • Principal loan amount: $400
  • Interest amount/finance charge: $60
  • Repayment term: 14 days
  • Divide the interest/finance charge by the loan principal: $60 / $400 = 0.15
  • Multiply the result by 365, for the number of days in a year: 0.15 x 365 = 54.75
  • Divide that result by the length of the repayment term: 54.75 / 14 days = 3.910
  • Convert into APR by moving the decimal point two spaces to the right: 391 percent APR” ( 

Then, when it comes time to pay off the payday loan, you’re at the end of the pay period and you can’t pay it in full. Most of the time people roll over the debt into the next pay period, acquiring an additional set of fees equal to, or greater than, the original set of fees. If your pay periods are 14 days, you will already have accrued $120 in fees in the span of a single month. All for taking out a payday loan of $400. If the fees at your particular payday loan establishment end up being $30 per $100, then you’re really in trouble.  

 But there are other options that you might not be as familiar with. As mentioned before, No Credit Needed furniture financing can be a more affordable alternative to payday loans 


Should I use Online No Credit Needed Financing for Furniture? 

Almost everyone has a time in their life when online no-credit-needed furniture financing options are the best solution. Here’s a personal story from a real person who needed financing for furniture when he had bad credit 

Story Time 

“When we first got married, my wife and I lived without a couch for nearly six months. We had a couple of folding chairs in our living room where we sometimes sat to watch TV, or play video games together. But for the most part, we just sat on the floor. The bed we slept on was a full size that we brought with us from my parent’s house. And worse, the mattress we slept on was more than a decade old. You could say we needed new furniture.

It was the first time either of us was living on our own, and we found it surprisingly difficult to manage expenses with rent, other bills, and low-income jobs. We didn’t have good cookware and we both hated cooking, so we went out to eat too often. Besides, the table and chairs in our dining room were worse quality than hand-me-downs. Starting out was hard, and we really wanted our first house to feel like a home.

When we got married, I was still in school. Student loans piled up. As school got more difficult, I had to reduce my hours. My wife got pregnant and it did not treat her well. She couldn’t work anymore and had to quit her job. I increased my hours again.

We still didn’t have a couch.

We still slept on a full-size bed.”

–  Jacob

You Have Bad Credit but Need to Get New Furniture   

No credit needed financing for furniture can be the perfect solution to a difficult problem. People who are first starting out usually have bad credit or no credit. This means traditional furniture financing options won’t approve them because of their credit history. Nowadays, It’s common for young people, like Jacob and his wife, to feel like strangers in their own home because it’s not properly furnished. And when your house doesn’t feel like a home, it’s hard to be happy. Similarly, the need to buy new tires can sneak up on you. When finances are tight and your credit score is low, it can be helpful to get no credit needed financing online. Companies like Kornerstone Living can help with an assortment of needs including furniture, mattresses, appliances, tires, and wheels.  

Finance Online with No Credit Needed, but Buy in Person 

No credit needed furniture leasing like Kornerstone Credit fulfills a need for many people. Just starting out or going through some big life changes are both examples of when traditional furniture financing just won’t work. When that happens, Kornerstone can provide the solution to making your new house feel like home or making an old house feel like home again. You can get beautiful, comfortable furniture with monthly payments that are affordable and reasonable.  

Additionally, you can get approved through Kornerstone Living online, but still buy furniture from your favorite store. Or you can get new tires from the shop you trust on the other side of town. Kornerstone Credit and other online no-credit needed financing options work with contracted retail partners, so if there’s a store you want to buy from, just ask them to sign up with Kornerstone Living. 

Anyone can get approved for up to $5,000 with a Kornerstone Living lease. That’s plenty for a couple of pieces of new furniture. The stable payments are reasonable, and as long as you make your minimum payments on time, your balance never increases, and no fees are added on.   

Kornerstone Living is here to help those that don’t have other options. We want everything to be clear and understandable from the start. So make sure you read your lease agreement. Then prepare some questions for our representatives. We’ll reach out to you directly for the welcome call.  

Why Use No Credit Needed Furniture Financing? 

There are numerous situations where Kornerstone Credit might be just what you need. We know that not every situation calls for online no-credit-needed financing, but we can be the solution for people who struggle with bad credit.  It’s also a great help when you want to get approval online but buy in person at your favorite store. These aren’t the only situations where you might want to use Kornerstone Credit but they are the most common. Truthfully, there are many circumstances where we might be the best option for you. So apply today and find out if we can help you! 


What Makes Kornerstone Living the Best No Credit Needed Option? 

Finding the best no-credit-needed financing option isn’t always easy. Doing the research and finding the best option for you could save you time, money, and headaches in the long run. Kornerstone Living knows how much you like avoiding headaches, so we’ve created our business around the six main factors that are important to no-credit-needed consumers.  

  1. Length of term  
  2. Early buyout options 
  3. Minimum monthly payments 
  4. Ease of application 
  5. Accessibility and support 
  6. Approval amounts  

In the next sections, we’ll outline what each of these factors means, and how you can decide which is the best option for you. We’re pretty confident you’ll see that Kornerstone Credit is the winner 

Length of Term 

For the most part, no credit-needed financing options are a general 12-month term and Kornerstone is no different. 

Early buyout options 

The most common buyout option is the 90-day option. At Kornerstone Living, we have additional buyouts after 90 days. If you want to take advantage of those early buyouts, you should call us to set up your payments ahead of time. Or you can call in any time to pay off early and get some great discounts.  

Minimum monthly payments 

This is where Kornerstone shines. That is to say, we have some of the lowest minimum monthly payments in the industry. We know that paying $80 a month instead of $110 a month can make a big difference when the budget is tight. Be aware, your exact payment will differ depending on what you buy and where you buy, so you’ll want to figure that out first.  

Once you know what you want to buy, ask the store what your minimum payments will be with Kornerstone Living. Feel free to compare with other companies. We’re confident we’ll be your favorite option. Make sure you ask how frequently your payments will be. Some companies will set you up on weekly payments while others will set up a monthly schedule. If your monthly payment is $80 at one company, and another company quotes you $30 each week, the $80 option is overall cheaper.  

Ease of application 

Sometimes, other companies will make you jump through hoops and provide excessive documents in order to get approved. Look online at the no-credit needed options and see what they expect during the application process. At Kornerstone, for example, you can finish your application and get a response in less than 2 minutes if you do it from your phone. Try it here 

Accessibility and support 

The best way to find out who will have the best support team is to call the company personally. Another way you can get information about the company’s support team is by looking at the reviews on Google and Facebook. We’re happy to say that Kornerstone has an average rating of 4.7 and above.  

Approval amounts 

Lastly, it’s important to note most places have very similar maximum approval amounts. Generally, no credit needed companies approve between $3,000 and $5,000. At Kornerstone, our maximum approval is $5,000, which allows us to give our customers higher average approvals too.   

These are some of the most common factors people look at when deciding which is the best no-credit needed option. Kornerstone has built our business to ensure we are the best option in these categories, and therefore the best no-credit needed option for our customers. Call us today if you have more questions. 

What can you buy with No Credit Needed 

With no credit needed for furniture financing, you can get the things you need for your home. This includes anything ranging from bedroom sets to sofas, or dining room tables to home office furniture. But we can also help you get a few other things that don’t fall under the furniture category. Mattresses are a customer favorite for sure. Another common necessity that you just can’t live without could be home appliances like a refrigerator or a washing machine.  

We also have a no-credit needed program for tires and wheels. Read more about our no-credit needed tire program here

Because we aren’t a loan or a revolving credit line, there are some things we aren’t able to help with. If you ever have any questions about whether or not we can lease an item for you, just give us a call. 888-521-5111 

Things you should know and do when you start financing with a no-credit-needed option

Now that you have the background knowledge needed for buying furniture when you have bad credit, it’s time to go over the specifics of what you should do when you’re signing up. As we mentioned before, buying furniture with no credit needed financing can be a positive experience if you know what to look for. Here are the top tools and tactics you should use to make sure you get the information you need to be successful.  

What You Should Know About the Financing Company 

  1. First, are they a separate company from the retailer – This will help you know who you need to talk to about payments and buyouts, and who to ask when you have questions. 
  2. Is the company offering a lease, loan, or credit – They are different and will make a difference in how you pay, and how much they will end up charging you.  
  3. What sets the company apart from other options 

Financing Furniture with Bad Credit: 5 Ways to Make Your Life Easier 

If you see the number 888-521-5111, answer it!

This is our number so if you see this pop up on your caller ID it means we have something important to tell you about your account. We want to ensure you aren’t ever getting overcharged, so make sure you answer, even if it’s just to tell us you’re busy. We can work with you to find a good time to call back. 

Understand that Your Contract With Kornerstone Living is a Lease

This is good news! Leases don’t operate on interest, so the balance we tell you upfront will not accrue interest at all. From this point forward your balance will only decrease so long as you make your payments on time. There are additional fees for missed and bounced payments, so stay on top of those. Read more about what lease to own means here 

Ask for a copy of your no-credit-needed financing documents

Ask for your contract and payment schedule. Most retailers should be giving this to you, and you should also be getting it through text and/or email when you sign up. So, when our agent calls you for the welcome call, and if you don’t have those documents yet, make sure you get a copy of both your lease agreement and your payment schedule. 

Know That There are Early Buyout Options

You don’t have to take all 12 months to pay off your lease. You can take advantage of multiple buyout offers. Even if you can’t pay within the 90 days, we have other options for you to buy out of the lease early with varying discounts. Since these buyouts are dependent on many factors such as current account status, state regulations, and time left on the lease, you should call our support team to get more personalized information. 

Be aware that your first payment could be as soon as 5 days from when you sign your agreement

We set up payments once we get confirmation that you are in possession of all your purchased items. If you’re taking your purchase home the same day, then we’ll have a final payment schedule set up within 24 hours. We’ll give you a 5-day grace period where you won’t have any payments, but after those 5 days, your first payment should be scheduled for the next time your job pays you. 

A Review of No Credit Needed Furniture Financing

To end, there are a lot of things you should know about no credit needed financing for furniture, but the most important is here on this page. Here’s a brief overview: 

  1. It’s important to understand the difference between no credit needed like Kornerstone Credit and no credit check, like payday loans
  2. There are certain moments in everyone’s lives when no credit needed options are great and viable opportunities for financing furniture with bad credit. 
  3. Different companies focus on different services. Kornerstone works hard to be the best option for consumers.
  4. You can buy many things with No Credit Needed programs like Kornerstone Credit. On the other hand, we can’t help you with everything.
  5. There are a few things you should do when you first make your purchase. If you want to pay off your lease on time and know exactly what to expect, follow these steps  

We’ll continue to update this page to make sure all the information is always up-to-date and pertinent. As always, if you have questions or concerns, call us so we can help at 888-521-5111 

Kornerstone Living


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