Outdated or Out of Service? Time to Upgrade Your Home & Tires

That wobbly dining table leg, the sputtering dishwasher, the tire with questionable traction – sometimes replacements are obvious. But what about when your furniture, appliances, and tires seem fine? How do you know they're not secretly holding you back?

Hidden Upgrade Needs:

Technology and style march on, even while your trusty fridge hums along. Don't get stuck with outdated or inefficient essentials! Check out how long your items typically last:

    • Furniture: Sofas (7-15 years), bed (15-10 years), mattresses (5-10 years), dining tables (15-20 years), desk (15 years), and wicker and rattan furniture (10 years)

    • Home Appliances: Refrigerators (13 years), dryers (13 years), water heaters (10 years), gas range (15 years), dishwasher (9 years), and microwave ovens (9 years)

    • Tires: 6-10 years – don't risk safety with tired treads!

Upgrade Without Breaking the Bank:

Home remodels and new tires can be pricey. But with lease-to-own financing, like Kornerstone Living, you can enjoy your upgrades now and pay comfortably over time.

Why Choose Kornerstone Living?

  • Get what you need today! No waiting to save up.
  • No credit needed: Bad credit or no credit is okay!
  • Quick and easy application: Know your approval status instantly (Up to $5,000!).
  • Flexible payment options: Choose an affordable plan that fits your budget.
  • Early buyout discounts: Pay off your lease early and save money.

Don't settle for less! Refresh your home and tires with Kornerstone Living's no credit needed financing. Call us or apply online today!

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